Send Invoices to the Federal Government’s Central Invoice Submission Portal (CISP) – ZRE

Transmission Channels

You can transfer invoices from the directly to CISP (ZRE). There are two ways to transfer invoices:

  • via PEPPOL (preferred option) ⇒ Registration in CISP (ZRE) optional
  • via e-mail                                     ⇒ Registration in CISP (ZRE) mandatory

Transmission via PEPPOL is a preferred option. The invoices are transmitted in encrypted form. You will also receive a confirmation back that the invoice has been transmitted to the ZRE portal.
Registration in the ZRE portal is not required, but strongly recommended. If you register on the ZRE Portal and select PEPPOL as the transmission method, you can view all invoices on the ZRE Portal and find out about the individual steps of the transmission.

Send Verification Invoice via PEPPOL to CISP (ZRE)

If you want to view a status feedback in CISP (ZRE), please configure your VAT  number in CISP (ZRE).
In addition, you need to send a verification invoice.

Here you will find a detailed description:

1. log in to the CISP (ZRE) portal and select your company:


2. Click on the link “Edit account”:


3. Configure your PEPPOL ID address:

The Peppol ID is a unique address in the Peppol network that enables your company to send electronic invoices in the Peppol network.
The PEPPOL ID used in Germany is the VAT number. Enter the VAT number in the following format:

9930:Value added tax identification number

e.g.: 9930:DE309759709

Where “9930” is a designation for the German VAT number. You can find more information on the page:

Please enter your email address, set the PEPPOL ID to “Active” and click on “Save user profile”.


4. The CISP (ZRE) portal requires a one-time verification. You need to download a verification invoice and send it via the invoice portal. 

Save the verification invoice on your computer:


5. Check in the Invoice Portal whether you have configured the PEPPOL ID correctly:

check peppol id

If necessary, you can adjust the PEPPOL ID:

change peppol id

6. Go to the “Upload” menu and click on “New”:

upload verification

Select the verification invoice:

choose verification file

Click on “Upload”:

upload verifications file

Send the verification invoice via PEPPOL:

send verification via PEPPOL

After about 3 minutes, the invoice is sent to the ZRE:

verification sent

After about 20 minutes, the status in the ZRE portal changes:

account verified

Send XRechnung via PEPPOL to ZRE

Create an invoice in the Invoice Portal and select “Send via Peppol”:

ZRE Rechnung über PEPPOL versenden

The invoices become visible in the ZRE portal about 20 minutes later:

Send XRechnung by email to ZRE

If you would like to use the transmission channel “e-mail”, please activate submission type “e-mail” in your ZRE account under “Edit account” and deposit your sender e-mail address. Otherwise your invoice will be rejected. Invoices from non-registered invoicing parties and from registered invoicing parties without activation of the selected transmission channel will be rejected by ZRE without further verification and feedback.

The sends the invoices to the following ZRE address: (ZRE productive system).

Create an invoice in the Invoice Portal and select “Send by e-mail”:

XRechnung über Email versenden

Send Test Invoice to ZRE

For sending test invoices to the ZRE reference environment, please use the following IDs:

  • Peppol receiver ID: 0204:991-33333TEST-33
  • Leitweg-ID: 991-33333TEST-33

The ZRE reference system has the following address:

For the dispatch of test invoices to the
 Referenzumgebung der OZG-RE please use the following IDs:

  • Peppol receiver ID: 0204:99661-WEBSERVICEOZG-28
  • Leitweg-ID: 99661-WEBSERVICEOZG-28