Our Solution

From 27.11.2020, the e-invoice regulation will oblige public clients, such as DB, to request electronic invoices from their suppliers in XRechnung format.


We have developed a convenient solution for the Deutsche Bahn suppliers:

  • create the invoice (1)
  • send an invoice to Deutsche Bahn (2)
  • check shipping status (3)
  • receive feedback from Deutsche Bahn (4)
  • change message status in the portal (5)
  • send notification by email (6)

The portal functions facilitate invoice entry and invoice management.

You can:

  • copy an old invoice and create a new invoice from it
  • create an invoice template
  • create a list of goods
  • manage multiple customer
  • manage multiple customer addresses

Please take the requirements of Deutsche Bahn into account when entering invoices: Information on invoicing .