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Our Solution

From April 18th 2020, the regulator obliges public clients to be able to receive and process invoices electronically.

With our solution, you meet all legal obligations, also simplifying the receipt and processing of invoices.

invoices electronically


  • Receipt of invoices via PEPPOL-network, SFTP, E-Mail and API
  • Supported formats: XRechnung, ACCESS and all PEPPOL BIS3 formats
  • XRechnung, Viewer and PDF Converter
  • Format conversion into customer-specific formats (INVOIC02 etc.)
  • Archiving
  • Transfer for further processing to ERP system (SAP, SAGE etc.)

Leitweg ID

Germany has implemented a unified routing logic. This routing ID (Leitweg ID) allows the invoicing platform to correctly distribute the invoice to the contracting authority. The Leitweg ID is a mandatory element in the Xrechnung schema. The ID has the following structure:

ID structure for e-invoicing in Germany

For the central upload, one concept is that the recipient is encoded as a so-called “Leitweg ID” in the Buyer Reference field. 

There is a specification for a Leitweg ID version 2.0.1:

How can Leitweg ID be used?

The Leitweg ID can be used for addressing and, if necessary, forwarding incoming e-invoices to customer account processing systems. In order to optimise acceptance and manageability for public clients as well as their suppliers and service providers, the federal and state governments have agreed on a uniform XRechnung standard management system. It should be noted that the Federal Government and some of the Federal Provinces require the use of the Leitweg ID when sending electronic invoices. The Leitweg ID or other identifier of the recipient of an invoice is usually passed on to the contractor or service provider (the invoicing party) in a specific order.

Here you will find useful questions and answers on Leitweg ID written by Bundesministerium des Innern, für Bau and Heirmat and Bundesministerium der Finanzen: 

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