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Webware offers you an efficient and innovative solution for the electronic invoice exchange!

With our e-invoicing solution you can send and receive various electronic invoice formats such as XRechnung, ZUGFeRD and PEPPOL BIS.

As of 18 April 2020, public authorities at state level, as well as states and local authorities, must be able to receive electronic invoices. From 27 November 2020, public authority contractors must also be able to send electronic invoices.

Our solution meets the required EU standards and is certified by the Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line Organisation (PEPPOL) as an Access Point to send electronic invoices in compliance with EU regulations.

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Which solution is best for you?

  • Initial situation


    1. The company does not have the necessary ERP systems and intends to send a small number of invoices per month.

    ➜ A possible solution could be a web portal interface where you can create an invoice in various formats.

    ➜ Advanced functionality: create, copy or modify an old invoice.

    1. The company has an ERP system, but cannot create the requested standard PEPOL BIS format.

    ➜ A mapping can be created. Then the invoices can be sent to us by e-mail, SFTP or API.

    ➜ The company can send us an invoice in its own standard format (e.g. CSV or pdf file) and we will convert this format to the PEPPOL BIS invoice format.

    ➜ In addition, we can create a description of the standard format in a simple CSV or XML format that the company needs to implement so that we can process the invoice.

    1. A company that sends many invoices per month and can directly create the requested PEPOL BIS account format in its own ERP system.

    ➜ We do not need to create a format mapping in this case.

    ➜ Here we can offer only the communication interface by e-mail, SFTP or API between the customer's ERP system and the PEPPOL access point.

    1. Corporate headquarters can access the invoices of all subsidiaries, but one subsidiary cannot see the invoices of other subsidiaries.

    ➜ The format and the transmission will be addressed in the same way as described earlier.

    ➜ Additional functions for different access rights will be developed.

  • Initial situation


    • The service provider can send invoices on behalf of its customers.
    • The service provider can see the customer's invoices, but one customer cannot see the invoices from other customers.

    The format and the transmission will be addressed in the same way as described earlier. 

     ➜ Additional functions for different access rights will be developed.

  • Initial situation


    • I am a public organisation and I need to configure and receive invoices.

    You will be listed in the PEPPOL register to immediately comply with the new EU e-invoicing regulation.

    An account will be created for you on the portal, where you can manage your invoices.

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PEPPOL Access Point

By participating in the UP-Access project, Webware is financially supported by the European Union through the CEF Building Block eDelivery to update its PEPPOL Access Point. Learn more about the current project, technical specifications and the benefits of this update on our project page.


Three key components of the eInvoicing standard: the CORE, the CIUS and Extensions:

The EURINV project was created with the aim of supporting EDI providers and their customers in the implementation of the European Directive on electronic invoicing (Directive EU/2014/55). Co-funded by the CEF Telecom Calls of the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), the EURINV project aims to bring the current cloud solutions to participants in Ireland, Slovakia, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, France and Germany.

EURINV project


Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

We are pleased to inform you that Webware Internet Solutions GmbH has entered into a partnership with TESISQUARE®. TESI e-Integration is a cloud-based B2B solution that offers improved efficiency and collaboration for cross-company processes. The solution includes multi-format and multi-protocol Data Exchange Management.